Seminars & Workshops

Change and Stress Management

An examination of the sources of stress, the stages in the stress response, and how arousal (high levels of stress) affects performance. Concentrating on effective coping strategies and how individuals can stay ahead of stress. Attention is paid to the body component of stress by finishing with a progressive muscular relaxation, a technique focussing on contracting and then relaxing muscle groups in a systematic way.

Team Building

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator inventory in business is an effective method for examining an individual’s preferences in decision making, learning, information processing and communications. A half-day seminar is constructed to help senior managers and executives fine-tune team building and problem-solving skills. Subsequent one-to-one sessions supplement the group session and provide privacy for working on individual work-related issues.

Understanding Interpersonal Relationships

This seminar provides a context for why it is important to understand the patterns that affects our relationships with others. Participants identify their own relationship template to reveal how these patterns affect business and home life. We examine some of the cultural forces that reinforce certain stereotypic patterns of relating and outline a basic strategy to change patterns you are unhappy with.

Communications and Team Building

This seminar focuses on what makes good teams with an emphasis on developing clear communication skills. We examine open versus closed information systems and integrate this information with a fun, effective communication exercise.


Since 1996, I have offered seminars and workshops in the Toronto downtown core for law firms, financial institutions and other businesses, including:

  • Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group
  • RBC Dominion Securities
  • SHL-System House
  • McDonald’s Canada
  • Scotia McLeod
  • Torys
  • Blake, Cassels & Graydon
  • Davies, Ward and Beck
  • Robins, Appleby & Taub
  • The Bay

All of the seminars and workshops can be specifically tailored to meet your requirements.