What to Expect

The problems people have in relationships or trying to reach their personal goals often relate back to experiences they had as a child. As they passed from one stage of development to another, for any number of reasons, different needs were not met and appropriate life skills didn’t develop. Now, as adults, they find themselves stuck in a repeating, maladaptive pattern.

During the sessions, the goals are to identify the patterns of thinking and behaviour that have developed because of these early experiences, and to express the feelings associated with them. Once understood, these patterns can be changed.

My role is to be a resource, a skilled person who can help people sort through their feelings, understand why they do what they do, and help them make changes.

What happens during a session?

Sessions are completely confidential and private, and are usually scheduled for one hour. Longer sessions can be arranged.

During the first session, clients explain what issue they would like to focus on. Together, we set some realistic goals and decide on a time frame for reviewing how things are progressing. We also discuss different techniques that can be used.